AMD Desktop CPU Share Overtakes Intel on PM for the First Time in 16+ Years

According to PassMark’s latest results, AMD has for the time in more than 16 years overtaken Intel in the desktop CPU market. Keep in mind that this database is primarily used by enthusiasts and reviewers, so it’s not a fair comparison of the consumer CPU market. However, the fact that AMD has reached this mark after more than 16 years is still impressive and shows the growing popularity of its Ryzen CPUs.

The state of AMD’s market share in the laptop is still a far cry from the DIY market but has been improving since the launch of Renoir based notebooks. Last year, the company’s share in this market hit 20% after nearly 8 years, but Intel still holds a commanding lead.

Overall, AMD’s CPU market share hit the 40% mark this month, the highest since the first quarter of January 2016. The overall CPU market is the average of the desktop, notebook and server markets so it’d be safe to say that in terms of revenue, the delta is going to be much larger.



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