AMD Desktop CPU Market Races to 50% Share in Passmark Survey: Highest in 13 Years

Passmark’s Q2 2020 CPU survey is out and the results are once again in AMD’s favor. The biggest change was the notebook which gained nearly a whole percent in AMD’s favor. The Ryzen desktop market was no slouch either and increased by half a percent, bringing it up to 46.8%, nearly reaching market parity with Intel. The latter, in the meantime fell by the same amount to 53.2%, the lowest in 14 years. This is the highest CPU market share AMD has had in the desktop spare since Q4 2006 when it was in freefall, falling past the late thirties to the late twenties.

AMD’s notebook market grew to 14% in Q2 2020, with Intel dropping down to 86%, the lowest it’s been in 7 years.

The last time AMD held a higher percentage was back in Q4 2012 with 16.1% of the notebook share. Overall, it pushed Team Red’s share up to 35.1% while Intel still holds a substantial lead with the remaining 65% across all the markets.

Keep in mind that such benchmarks primarily include above-average users including enthusiasts, reviewers and other testers. Very few mainstream PC users bother to make use of PassMark, limiting the the website’s database to a niche audience. Regardless, the increased number of AMD chips sold in recent years is a clear indication that its on the right track.



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