AMD CPU Share Sees Largest Monthly Gain on Steam, Over 30% Now

As Intel prepares the launch of its 12th Gen Alder Lake-S processors, its arch-rival AMD continues to chip away at its CPU market share. In September, the latter gained a rather considerable portion of the market (nearly 3%), the largest I’ve seen in several years. While it’s worth noting that the Steam Survey isn’t a foolproof way to gauge the state of the PC market, changes of this magnitude can’t be attributed to tertiary factors.

Among Windows users, 30.15% of Steam gamers now rely on AMD CPUs, while the remaining 69.83% have Intel. Speaking of Windows, the share of Win 10 grew by 4% in September to a whopping 93.79%. Most of the upgrad-ees were still using Windows 7 till now. Given the rather rigid hardware requirements for Windows 11, we’re unlikely to see the same rate-of-adoption with the latter.

Interestingly, AMD’s gains on the Linux side were tamer, growing by just under 1%. Here, both higher-end AMD and Intel CPUs did well, while the midrange and low-end Intel parts lost a fair bit of share.

The GPU market remained stagnant, with the most sold GPU being an integrated Radeon part, followed by the GTX 1650, 3060, 3050, and 3050 Ti mobile GPUs. The shortages in the DIY market continue to disrupt sales and prices, and not a single desktop GPU made it to the list of top-10 most sold SKUs on Steam.


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