AMD CPU Share Reaches 9-Year on Steam; RX 570/580 Sales Surge Amidst Shortages

After a slight drop last month, AMD’s CPU share among Steam users once again jumped in January by a healthy 3%, reaching a 9-year high of nearly 27.99%. The last time AMD was near the 28% figure, it was the second quarter of 2012, right around when Intel had introduced its Sandy Bridge lineup.

As you can in the snapshot below, AMD’s CPU share started falling in 2012, from 28.8% in May to 27.40% in September. The following years saw the trend continue with minor hiccups here and there, bringing AMD’s CPU share on Steam down to under 18% a few years back.

On the GPU side, AMD also did fairly well, though not the way you’d expect. As the shortage of graphics cards intensified, the sales of the older Polaris based Radeon RX 570 and 580 increased. The lower-end Navi GPUs such as the RX 5600 XT and 5500 XT also saw decent sales, albeit at outrageous prices.

On NVIDIA’s side, the GeForce GTX 1650 was a hit, increasing its share by as much as 0.79%, followed by the 1050 Ti and 1050. These parts were likely sold as part of budget notebooks due to increased demand as a result of the pandemic. Interestingly, the share of the RTX 3090 also rose by 0.27% despite complete global shortages, while the RTX 3060 Ti gained slightly more at 0.28%.

Overall, the GPU market returned to its pre-Q4 state, with AMD clinging to 16.5% and NVIDIA still holding a complete majority with 74. (https://www.easyvet.com/) 41% of the total market.


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