AMD Consumer CPU Market Share Approaches 20% Globally: Highest Since 2013

As per latest figures from Mercury research, AMD’s overall share in the consumer CPU market is approaching the 20% mark. This includes the desktop as well as notebook processor market. As far as the server CPU segment is concerned, we’re looking at 6%, still shy of the double digit figure. The 10% figure AMD quoted during its Q2 earnings call was either the company’s own estimate or a report from IDG. Mercury’s percentages generally tend to be more conservative. Let’s have a look at the individual figures.

AMD Desktop Unit Share19.2%18.6%18.3%18%17.1%17.1%15.8%13%12.3%12.2%12.0%10.9%11.1%11.4%9.9%9.1%
QoQ Change+0.6+0.3+0.3+0.9Flat+1.3+2.8+0.7+0.1+0.2+1.1-0.2-0.3+1.5+0.8
YoY Change+2.1+1.5+2.4+5+4.8+4.9+3.8+2.1+1.2+0.8+2.1+1.8
AMD Desktop Share

In the desktop market, AMD has been rapidly gaining ground while Intel has seen significant drops in revenue recently. From Q1 to Q2, AMD’s share grew from 18.6% to 19.2%. In comparison, the second quarter of 2019 was flat, with little to no gain.

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Q2 20Q1 20Q4 19Q3 19Q2 19Q1 19Q4 18Q3 18Q2 18
AMD Mobile Share19.9%17.1%16.2%14.7%14.1%13.1%12.2%10.9%8.8%

The mobile market has been growing at a much faster pace. In the last two years, since the introduction of Picasso based laptops, AMD’s share has essentially doubled, growing from around 10% in Q3 18 to 19.9% in Q2 2020. Since the launch of Renoir based devices last year, the company’s share has grown by almost 50% (14.1% in Q2 19 to 19.9% in Q2 20). We expect growth to be relatively stunted in the coming months due to chip shortages, but as supply picks up once again, things should return to normal.

Q2 20Q1 20Q4 19Q3 19Q2 19Q1 19Q4 18Q3 18Q2 18Q1 18
AMD Server CPU Share5.8%5.1%4.5%4.3%3.4%2.9%3.2%1.6%1.4%0.8%

In the server CPU market, AMD has been slowly and steadily gaining momentum. At present, Team Red sits over ~6% of the total enterprise market. Recent quarters have seen healthy gains, going from 3.4% in Q2 19 to 5.8% in Q2 20, a gain of nearly 2x. With Milan slated to launch later this year, expect this figure to cross the 10% mark soon.


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