AMD Confirms CDNA 3 MI300 Instinct APU with Zen 4/5 CPU and Unified On-Die HBM Memory: Up to 8x Faster than the MI200

AMD has made a slew of announcements during its Financial Analyst Day 2022. The first two were regarding the Zen 4 core and the RDNA 3 graphics architecture, among others. The third most notable announcement comes in the form of the CDNA 3 Unified Memory APU Architecture. As predicted by Moore’s Law is Dead, this is the first data center APU featuring the Zen 4 or Zen 5 CPU core chiplet in addition to CDNA 3 compute dies and Unified on-die HBM memory.

The on-die HBM memory will be shared between the CPU and GPU for improved efficiency and lower production costs. AMD promises an incredible 8x performance gain over the MI200 with this super-APU. Featuring advanced packaging technologies such as 2.5D and 3D stacking, on-die HBM, 4th Gen Infinity Architecture, etc the MI300 will truly be the data center chip to look out for.


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