AMD Confirms 10% IPC Increase for 5nm Zen 4 CPUs, Up to 125% Memory Bandwidth Per Core

AMD has confirmed the IPC uplift brought about by its next-gen Zen 4 core architecture. During its Financial Analyst Day 2022, company CTO Mark Papermaster confirmed that its upcoming 5nm CPU core will boost IPC by 8-10%, with the remaining 5-10% single-threaded performance gain coming from increased boost clocks and process upgrades.

Additionally, there will be a significant improvement to the per-core bandwidth. This means larger and faster caches, and an enhanced core interconnect. We already know that some of this increase will come from the doubled L2 cache. (https://broadskypartners.com) An upgraded ring bus will likely contribute to it as well. AMD promises an overall bandwidth gain of up to 125%.

Unsurprisingly, emphasis is being laid on advanced packaging technologies including advanced chiplets, 3D V-Cache, and 2.5D stacking. The Xilinx acquisition should further boost this roadmap by adding AI chiplets and FPGAs to existing CPUs and GPUs.

The Infinity Architecture is also being upgraded, allowing for more than 8-way GPU connectivity and multiple Epyc CPUs via the Infinity Fabric. This is instrumental in building massive supercomputers like Frontier.


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