AMD CEO: You’ll See Zen 3 Laptops and Servers Very Soon

Talking at the Credit Suisse 24th Annual Technology Conference, AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su promised that the company will be launching Zen 3 based notebooks and servers shortly. The next-gen Ryzen notebook APUs will be based on two architectures: Zen 2 and Vega (Lucienne), and Zen 3 and Vega (Cezanne). The server lineup, on the other hand, will be called Milan, and offer up to 30% more performance than the existing Epyc Rome chips, with the multi-threaded performance seeing marginal gains.

We are just launching our Zen 3 product stack. So, you’ve seen the desktop version launched just a little while ago and we’ll see notebooks and servers shortly. (Tadalafil) And what we’ve also done is launched our new – our next generation graphics roadmap as well. So it’s really been about focusing on the technology, building upon every generation, and ensuring that we also build trust and relationships with our most important customers.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO

The AMD CEO explained that 2021 is going to be a big year for the company. While Renoir brought the company back to the notebook market, Cezanne is expected to establish dominance similar to the Ryzen 5000 CPUs in the DIY market.

So if you’re talking about the PC market overall, we’ve nicely gained share over the last couple of years, very consistently in both desktop and notebook. And we see Zen 3 adding to that. And frankly, yes, the product is better, but I think what you also see is that our customers are much, much deeper in collaboration with us putting out better platforms.

And so, you see better notebook platforms. We have the best set of notebook platforms we’ve had in 2020 and it will get better in 2021 with Zen 3 as well as a number of desktop platforms. And our focus is not just on the consumer market, but also expanding into the very important commercial market that we’ve talked about before.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO

Dr. Su talked about expanding into the OEM and commercial market which primarily requires capable processors with integrated graphics. These include the Chromebook market, student laptops, and in general, various small form-factor PCs.

According to sources, both the Ryzen 5000 APUs and the Milan CPUs are going to be announced at CES 2021 in January 2021.

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