AMD Big Navi Reference Cards are Reportedly Being Discontinued (Update)

According to a report from French outlet, Cowcotland, AMD’s Big Navi reference cards are already being discontinued and future shipments of all three GPUs will come from the AIB partners. Even the Radeon RX 6900 XT that was just released yesterday won’t be getting any further shipments of the reference model.

Update: AMD is officially extending the reference Big Navi card production, indefinitely.

A brand told us that they only have about forty cards for France, not one more. Suffice to say once again that it’s just nada, that tchi, walou, skin of zob, and that those who manage to have an RX 6900 XT MBA will have a real collector in their hands.


The outlet further reports that French retailers were generally getting less than 50 units of the RX 6900 XT, so you can basically consider it to be a collectors’ item.

Last month, Scott Herkelman, the SVP of RTG had said that the production of the reference models of the RX 6800 series would continue till early 2021. It’s possible that this decision was reversed due to limited 7nm capacity or that further shipments would only be sent to select regions.


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