AMD Big Navi Graphics Cards Retail Prices 50-60% Higher than MSRP

It’s been more than three (edit: sorry, not six) months since AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 series “Big Navi” graphics cards were launched and it’s still impossible to buy one close to the MSRP of $649 (68XT). At present, the few stores that do have the GPU in stock are overcharging consumers by 50-60%, selling the RX 6800 XT at over $1,000 and the 6800 just below a grand. Let’s not talk about the 6900 XT, as it’s priced north of the $1,500 mark, that’s again a price hike of more than 50%.

German website, 3DCenter made a neat compilation of the prices of the Big Navi prices in the domestic market.

Meanwhile, in the US market, Amazon has just one listing of the RX 6800 XT for $1,499. Newegg, BHPhoto, and BestBuy are all out of stocks with not a single unit available. Microcenter, however, does have a few units, but they’re all available offline, and that too only in the CA-Tustin store. You’ve got the MSI AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT GAMING X TRIO Overclocked Triple-Fan and a reference RX 6800 available for $ 1,029 and $609.99, respectively. The former is way too overpriced but the latter isn’t that far from the MSRP..


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