AMD Bergamo Next Cloud CPUs to Pack 160 Cores, Intel Emerald Rapids-SP to Feature Just 64 [Rumor]

The moar core war is set to get more intense in the coming years with both Intel and AMD bumping core counts across the enterprise segments. According to @yuuki_ans, a reputed tipster from China, the cloud-oriented lineup succeeding Bergamo will push the core counts as high as 160. In other words, up to 20 eight-core CCDs. That’s a sizable jump from the 128-core Bergamo chips (with 16 CCDs) set to land early next year.

The successor to Bergamo will likely leverage the Zen 5c core with a stripped-down L3 cache and lower clocks. These cores will be fabbed eight on the TSMC N4 4nm or the N3 3nm process node, thereby allowing for higher logic densities.

Moving to Intel’s roadmap, Sapphire Rapids-SP is slated to land later this year, followed by Emerald Rapids-SP in 2023 (but in reality, 2024). The former will top out at 56 to 60 cores (depending on yields) plus the HBM variants while the latter will allegedly increase it to 64, a far cry from the 96-core powered AMD Epyc Genoa processors. These two Xeon lineups will consist of Golden Cove and Raptor Cove cores fabbed on the 7nm node.

Meanwhile, the Sierra Forest family featuring the Gracemont (E-cores) will pack up to 128 cores, putting up a healthy fight against AMD’s Bergamo offerings, that is if they actually launch the same year. The Xeon-next parts should double down on the core front too but it’ll be the launch schedule that will determine their competitiveness.


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