AMD Becomes 3rd Largest Client of TSMC, Next to Apple and MediaTek; NVIDIA at #6

AMD has outpaced Qualcomm to become the third-largest foundry customer at TSMC. Apple continues to hold the top spot with a massive 26% of the wafer share, followed by MediaTek with 5.80%, and AMD with 4.39%. Qualcomm accounts for 3.90% of TSMC’s sales, and Broadcom for 3.77%. NVIDIA, due to the nature of its dual-foundry approach has a wafer share of just 2.83% at the Taiwanese foundry.

Via: DigiTimes

Sony holds a 2.54% share while Intel comes in with a nearly negligible 0.84%. As the prices of advanced nodes increases, more and more customers are sticking to 7nm and above. The few select clients to apply for smaller nodes include AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Apple.

With chatter of Intel becoming a more prominent customer of the Taiwanese foundry, it’ll be interesting to see just how much capacity is allocated to the American chipmaker by 2023. As per rumors, TSMC has agreed to give a significant chunk of the 3nm process to Intel, but an advance payment has been requested.

Looking at the fabless chipmakers, both NVIDIA and AMD should see their stake in TSMC increase in 2022. NVIDIA is planning to launch its RTX 40 “Lovelace” GPUs and the MCM “Hopper” lineup on the 5nm node, while AMD as before will be migrating its entire CPU and GPU portfolio to the N5 process.


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