AMD B550 and A520 Motherboards Expected in Q2 2020 Along with Budget 3rd Gen Ryzen 3 CPUs

It looks like AMD is prepping new midrange chipsets for launch in the coming months. According to a prominent Twitter source, the B550 and A520 based motherboards are currently in the works with a launch window of May-June along with the 3rd Gen Ryzen 3 processors.

Earlier, a Chinese OEM (SOYO) had shared a B550M board (via Videocardz). The motherboard had a 4+2 phase VRM, 2x DDR4 memory slots and two PCIe x16 slots. While the board didn’t natively support the PCIe 4 standard, it was enabled via the CPU. The catch is that only the x16 PCIe slot supported the faster bus.

We expect the upcoming B550 boards to support PCIe 4 in a similar manner for external graphics and NVMe-based storage while the lower-end A520 boards will most likely drop it altogether.

In case you’re wondering about the budget 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs, we already covered it yesterday. Basically, AMD is working on two quad-core Zen 2 based CPUs with SMT and 18MB of L3 cache. You’re looking at one CCD, with half of the cores and a portion of the 32MB cache disabled. This is AMD recycling the remaining Zen 2 dies before Vermeer (Ryzen 4000) hits the market later this year.



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