AMD at 122% was the 4th Fastest-Growing Brand in 2022, NVIDIA at 100% Came in at #6

The year 2021 might have been a difficult one for most of us, but semiconductor firms enjoyed enormous financial and economic success. As the pandemic pushed more and more people to working-from-home, computers became more important than ever. Everyone from students to CEOs has switched to online means of communication and livelihood. When more computers sell, the companies making them naturally earn more money. As such, all major chipmakers including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel have registered record quarters through 2021.

Source: Brand Finance

Among these, AMD was the top gainer, growing by a staggering 122% through 2021. Buoyed by sales of commercial, gaming, and workstation notebooks, the company’s share in the mobile x86 market reached a 16-year record. Desktop processor sales were also steady, but not quite up there.

In the server segment, AMD’s Epyc Milan and soon, Milan-X have seen enormous demand. The chipmaker’s server share crossed the 15% mark near the end of 2021 and is expected to grow even further in 2022. Milan-X and Genoa are going to be one of the most competitive server lineups in AMD’s history, and Intel will at best, level the playing field rather than take the crown.

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