AMD Announces Big Navi GPUs for Notebook: Launching in Q2 2021

During the AMD CES 2021 keynote, Dr. Su also shared an update on the mobile GPUs based on the Big Navi design. It’s unclear whether these parts will be based on the Navi 21 die or the smaller Navi 22 die but considering the power efficiency of the desktop part, it should be possible by dialing the clocks down.

We didn’t get much other than the launch date of notebooks using these GPUs which is going to be sometime in the second quarter of the year. Once again, like their desktop counterparts, the supply of these devices is going to be very limited, and don’t expect to buy one at least before autumn.

In terms of the performance of the Navi 2x mobile GPUs, all we got was a Dirt 5 demo running at 1440p ultra with a performance of 60 FPS+ which doesn’t really give us much to go by.


Looking at the figures of the Big Navi graphics cards in this game, it’d be fair to say that you can at least expect performance close to RX 6800 with the mobile Navi 2x GPUs. AMD didn’t go into much detail with respect to the launch either, only stating that the first notebooks featuring these GPUs will land sometime before July. If I were to guess, I’d say expect more info at Computex in June.


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