AMD Adds Enhanced Streaming and Recording, AV1 Decode w/ Adrenaline 24.4.1: Still No Word on Super Resolution

AMD’s Adrenaline 24.4.1 Graphics Driver is officially out, adding enhanced streaming and recording features, along with AV1 hardware-accelerated decoding, improved in-built overclocking, and OSD to the Radeon control panel. There’s still no word on Super Resolution, the company’s cross-platform response to NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling solution which comes as a bit of a shock as DLSS is now natively supported on both Unreal and Unity game engines.

The new graphics driver adds Radeon Anti-Lag support with DirectX 12 titles, allowing for faster responses in the latest FPS titles using the newer DX12 API. Additionally, there’s a new tuning and monitoring feature that expands the functionality to Ryzen CPUs, adding stress tests and better monitoring support for easily overclocking with the Adrenaline app.

Radeon Boost which is technically just dynamic resolution now takes advantage of Variable Rate Shading in some titles to improve performance without any apparent reduction in quality. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is quite limited in terms of supported titles.

AMD Link which is Team Red’s (poor man’s) response to NVIDIA GeForce Now has been upgraded to feature level 4.0. You can stream to your phone, tablet, or TV, play with friends or even stream to another Windows PC, provided you have a decent internet connection.

The latest Adrenaline driver adds a display color enhancement feature which is just marketing speak for auto-calibration, plus the ability to tune your display for various sight disorders such as protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia.

Streaming has unsurprisingly gotten a fair bit of attention, bringing the Radeon Control Panel on par with NVIDIA Share thanks to improved record and stream features. Keep in mind that NVIDIA’s Share window which can be activated by Alt+Z is still a bit more easily accessible option, though not necessarily better. Radeon graphics cards now also support full AV1 hardware-accelerated decoding for newer content options.

Finally, the Performance Tab of the Control Panel has also been expanded to support Ryzen CPUs, along with improved monitoring, an in-built stress test, and more.

You can track individual power consumption of the CPU and GPU (though this won’t be 100% accurate), the junction temperatures, voltages, clock speeds, voltage, current, utilization, and most other aspects of your hardware. The installation wizard has also been streamlined, allowing you to install just the display driver or the complete package.

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