AMD A520 Motherboard Prices Surface: Starting @ $51.9 (Excl Taxes)

The prices of AMD’s A520 motherboards have surfaced for the first time, giving us an idea of how much you’ll need to spend at the lower-end if you want to try out the 4th Gen Ryzen processors.

As you can see, the A520 boards are priced in the same range as existing A320 offerings. Keep in mind that these prices don’t include taxes and have been directly converted from Korean to USD and as such, the final may vary slightly.

The A-series platform is AMD’s cheapest, the only one that lacks overclocking support as well as dual-graphics options. Furthermore, the A520 chipset will also come without PCIe 4 support. (https://www.easyvet.com/) These are truly the absolute bottom barrel boards on the market.



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