Aim and shoot! Can you reach the top score in Bubble Shooter?

Bubble Shooter is a bubble popping shooting game. Players need to launch colored bubbles onto the game screen in this entertaining game and pop similarly colored bubbles. You have three minutes to burst as many bubbles as you can. Ensure you pop the maximum number of bubbles, especially when against a human opponent. In the end, the player with the highest score wins. 

So, before you play Bubble Shooter online, look at the tricks and tips strategy guide below to get the top score. 

  1. Aim wisely and shoot!

When the game starts, three minutes are put on the clock. Before the timer runs out, you have to score as many points as you can. Whenever you match at least three bubbles of similar color, they will burst, and you’ll get points. 

Touch the game screen and drag, so the crosshair appears. Thanks to the crosshair, you’ll get an approximate idea of where your bubble will land when you launch it. So make sure to aim wisely!

Don’t take too long because you know you’re on the clock. 

Aim properly so you can pop more than three bubbles at once. The more bubbles you burst with a single shot, the more points you score. Also, remember to pop bubbles constantly so the timer doesn’t run out before you have scored the highest. Finally, you need to warm up your fingers and practice swiping up, left and right. 

To learn how to aim accurately, you can play lots of free online contests or practice matches. These games are played for entertainment purposes only and to get acquainted with the game’s rules and controls. While playing practice games, try to practice the bank shot and bounce your bubble off the wall so it lands on your desired position. After all, not all clusters of bubbles will be placed in a straight line. The game has its challenges, and mastering the bank shot is one of the best ways to burst hard-to-reach bubble groups. 

  1. Try to get a lot of combo points 

The bubbles are affected by gravity, and they stay afloat as long as they are attached to another bubble. So your job is to find the weak link and burst them. As soon as the weak link is popped, the remaining bubbles will drop down. And you will score a combo!

More points are awarded to a player who performs a combo. For example, when you cut off the link, you are bursting more than three bubbles at a time. It might be even more than five bubbles. The bigger the bubble mass you drop, the more points you score. 

During a tournament, the key to getting the top score is combos. If you want to beat your opponent, you must have a sharp eye to sniff out the weak link quickly. Bursting three bubbles will only get you so far while your opponent’s score quickly rises up the leaderboard. 

When tackling a cluster of bubbles, attempt to chip away one section at a time. The ultimate objective is to make a dent big enough, so the rest of the mass is hanging by a single connection. Then, you cut off that connection and let it all fall. 

Since the game gives you randomized bubbles, it is hard to always find the weak link and the bubble mass right away. That’s why you must balance between working up a combo and keeping your bubbles away from the bottom of your screen. 

  1. Don’t shoot anywhere and fill up the board 

There is no bubble mass or cluster of three bubbles for you to pop in some scenarios. But the timer is ticking away, and this game doesn’t reshuffle itself in the middle of a match. So, what do you do? 

Regardless of what you plan on doing, don’t make the mistake of randomly filling up space on the board by shooting your bubbles. By shooting bubbles all over the board, you are ruining your chances of working up a combo and accelerating the process of the bubbles touching the bottom of your screen. As a result, the match might end even before you know it. 

What you must do is carefully assess the board and shoot your bubbles so that it does not hamper your future chances of popping those bubbles. Try to find similar bubbles and create a cluster to pop them when you get a similarly colored bubble. 

Summing up 

In summation, becoming a master bubble popper takes skill, time, and lots of patience. If you are constantly losing to your opponent, don’t lose heart. You are still learning, and the only way to hone your skills is by practicing as much as possible. The free practice games are for you to play with a real online opponent and get the hang of the game. These games will even teach you to remain calm when things aren’t going your way. 

With the scoring methods mentioned above, you should become a Bubble Shooter pro in no time and reach the top score. Once you are confident in your bubble-popping skills, participate in cash battles and tournaments. Winning tournaments will fetch you incredible cash rewards and prizes, along with a lot of respect from the bubble popping community. You can also continue playing free online contests for fun.