AIDA64 Adds Early Support for Intel 14th Gen Arrow Lake and 15th Gen Lunar Lake CPUs

Hardware monitoring and benchmarking tool AIDA64 has added preliminary support for Intel’s 14th Gen Arrow Lake and 15th Gen Lunar Lake processors. Fabbed on the Intel 20A (2nm) and 18A (1.8nm) process nodes, these parts will leverage a chiplet architecture. Arrow Lake will likely leverage the Redwood Cove “P” and Crestmont “E” cores. On the other hand, Lunar Lake should adopt the Lion Cove ā€œPā€ cores and Skymont ā€œEā€ cores.

Source: AIDA64 (Via: HXL)

Both lineups will be compatible with the LGA1851 socket. Arrow Lake will be desktop-centric, while Lunar Lake is being designed from the ground up for mobile devices like ultrathins and convertibles. Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake will leverage advanced packaging technologies such as Foveros 3D stacking and TSMC’s 4nm and 3nm process node for the iGPU and I/O tiles.

Meteor Lake-P (mobile) is set to launch later this year, followed by the Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S desktop chips in early 2024. Lunar Lake will be a substantial upgrade with a smaller pitch, advanced process node, and an increased focus on E-cores. The P-cores should top out at four notebook processors.


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