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Advantages of Getting an SSD for Your Macbook

It should not come as a surprise that more and more people are looking to get a computer with a solid-state drive. Even when it comes to laptops, SSDs have all but replaced traditional magnetic storage for reasons concerning speed and power efficiency.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that Macbooks, and laptops in general, are slightly less flexible with respect to replacing the in-built drives. In fact, there Macs don’t even allow you to replace the older HDD with an SSD.

Regardless, it is good to see that most newer models come almost exclusively with solid-state drives. When it comes to improving the performance of a computer, getting an SSD is easily the most notable upgrade. You can find out about all the advantages below. Although SSDs are more expensive, the extra speed is well worth the additional price.

Advantage #1 – Speed

The biggest advantage of getting a solid-state drive is with respect to the read/write speeds. You can instantly tell the difference. The boot speed is multiple times faster, the game load times are cut significantly, etc. Even if you are not playing video games on your Macbook, working or data processing is much more efficient with an SSD. 

According to various studies, SSDs work about 100 times faster than HDDs. And as there is no stopping new developments in the field of solid-state drives, meaning that users will be able to enjoy even faster drives in the future. 

Advantage #2 – Reliability

Reliability is also an important factor for people when they are choosing hardware. SSDs use NAND flash memory. This type of storage technology does not need power to retain data. Thus, in the event that your disk is not plugged, there are no risks of potentially corrupting the information on the SSD.

Moreover, hard drives use magnetism for writing data, meaning a large scale electromagnet may corrupt some of your drive sectors, resulting in data loss. Meanwhile, SSDs are unaffected by electromagnetic fields.

Advantage #3 – Durability and Longevity

SSDs also last longer because they have no moving parts. As such, they are not as prone to shock, vibration, and other external factors that can possibly damage an HDD. It is less likely that the disk will experience damage if you drop it, unlike you would if there was an HDD inside the Macbook.

It is also highly unlikely that an SSD will not outlast the computer. Consumer solid-state disks are limited in terms of how many writes and reads they can do. However, even if they tried, an average computer user would need to work really hard to wear out an SSD.

Advantage #4 – Quietness 

Often underestimated, but having a computer that is quiet can really enrich the user experience. For example, if you are working and need to concentrate, the noise of the fans running at 100% can be quite distracting. After all, one’s work efficiency relies on many aspects.

Sure, the problem might lie elsewhere. Too much dust and dirt inside can also lead to it. Not to mention overheating. So cleaning the junk out regularly and even getting a cooling pad is a potential solution.

But as far as SSDs go, they hardly make any sound, even if you are using applications that require a lot of system resources.

Advantage #5 – Energy Efficiency

Battery life might not be something that most people would take into consideration, but it is a real problem if you are not that good with managing system resources.

When switching to an SSD, your system power consumption is also reduced by a notch. In fact, SSDs require about half of what HDDs need. This is again mostly due to a lack of moving parts. 


To sum everything up, it would not be a stretch to suggest that a solid-state drive could be one of the best investments you can make. If you are buying a new Macbook, make sure that it has an SSD. Or, if you are running an older model, but have the opportunity to replace your old hard drive, go for it as well.


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