Adshir Promises Cross-Platform LocalRay Ray Tracing on Smartphones

Israeli tech startup Adshir recently announced its LocalRay raytracing solution. Based on patents by Adshir founder Reuven Bakalash, LocalRay promises a paradigm shift with regards to ray-tracing performance.

By using what Adshir describes as an “algorithmic approach,” ray-tracing performance is sped up by several orders of magnitude. Adshir showcased a remarkable comparison between Vray and LocalRay. While the LocalRay solution utilized hybrid ray-tracing–similar to what RTX games do, it delivered similar image quality. The real surprise is with regards to performance. VRAY took 40 minutes to offline render the scene on a Radeon RX 5700 XT. Meanwhile, LocalRay delivered the scene at 17msec, which translates into a 60 FPS experience.

Adshir states that their solution is platform-agnostic and will run on all mainstream PC and mobile platforms apart from iOS. They claim that LocalRay will facilitate ray-tracing on smartphones with 2W power budgets.

Adshir has indicted that companies have shown interest in integrating LocalRay into their games. If Adshir chooses to go the middleware licensing route, it is possible that LocalRay will show up in a number of titles powered by mainstream engines like Unity and Unreal 4. Because of the far lower performance requirements, we might well see ray-tracing on mobile devices soon enough.


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