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ADATA SSD Sales Grow by 5x on Account of ChiaCoin

Taiwanese SSD manufacturer ADATA has reported that the sales of its NAND and HDD divisions have increased by a whopping 5x due to the introduction of the new cryptocurrency, ChiaCoin. This primarily includes its high-capacity SSDs that are a niche segment of the consumer SSD market, as most users look to buy drives under 2 TB. With this new boom, vendors are seeing 4 TB and higher storage models run out of stock faster than ever before, partially due to the limited quantities in which they are made and partially due to the increased demand all of a sudden.

ChiaCoin benefits from high-capacity storage with HDDs as dense as 8TB being ideal and fast SATA SSDs between 3-4 TB also attracting a lot of attention from miners. However, unlike HDDs, SSDs have a lower mileage especially for the newer TLC and QLC drives due to the limited read/write capability that comes with multi-layer NAND cells. Furthermore, PCIe (NVMe) based drives are less favorable as most boards come with just 16-20 lanes, allowing just a few SSDs to be connected at once. In comparison, specialized boards allow as many as 32 SATA SSDs to be connected at once, with adapters further increasing that number.

Whether SSDs are more viable for Chia mining than HDDs or not will be decided by how valuable the currency is in the long run. Over the course of the first few hours of trading, the digital currency has greatly fluctuated, making miners vary of long-term investments just yet.


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