Apple Updates 27″ iMac w/ Intel 10th Gen CPUs and AMD Radeon Pro 5000 GPUs

Apple’s updated 27-in iMac configurations will feature 10th generation Intel processors with up to 10 cores, and AMD Radeon Pro 5000 series graphics cards, expected to deliver up to 50 percent higher performance than the outgoing Radeon Pro Vega 48.

The new 27-in iMac will also feature a 1080p webcam. This is a much-needed addition and complements the system’s Retina 5K TrueTone display.

Buyers will be able to pick from a range of RAM capacities, starting at 8GB and going all the way up to 128GB. The new iMacs aren’t cheap by any measure and start at US$1799.

AMD Radeon™ Pro 5000
series GPUs
AMD Radeon™ Pro 5700 XT 40 2560 Up to 7.6 16GB
AMD Radeon™ Pro 5700 36 2304 Up to 6.2 8GB
AMD Radeon™ Pro 5500 XT 24 1536 Up to 5.3 8GB
AMD Radeon™ Pro 5300 20 1280 Up to 4.2 4GB

The new GPUs include the Radeon Pro 5300, the AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT, and the Radeon Pro 5700XT. These workstation parts closely track AMD’s Navi lineup. The Radeon Pro 5700XT is more or less on par with the RX 5700XT, meaning capable performance at 1440p and even the option of running less intensive games at the iMac’s native 5K resolution.

Strangely, unlike the Navi 12 based Radeon Pro 5600M, none of these GPUs feature HBM memory.


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