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8 Useful Apps for Finding an Apartment

Hunting for an apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. With modern technology, it has become much more convenient, fast, and efficient. This is a great benefit for students as they often need to find the best offers in a short time.

Today almost anything can be done via an app. This is extremely useful in terms of user experience and the rhythm of modern life. Students can have essential resources available through their smartphones, which include not only rental offers but also academic services.

It is impossible to argue that technology and the internet made college life easier. One can find information for a research paper or case study much faster than going to a brick-and-mortar library. Or students can access professional help with written assignments.

There is a plethora of advice, templates, and guides. Moreover, expert writers can also help with researching, writing, and editing. Students who lack the time can find a write my term paper platform to take care of their assignment while searching for a new apartment. In such a case, one gets two things done simultaneously and gets excellent results. And as for looking for rentals, here are the best apps for that.

Zillow Rentals

It is one of the most well-known tools out there. It shows the spaces throughout the country and has the largest property inventory (110 million homes). Another benefit for students is that there are many budget-friendly options available.

In Zillow, one can:

  • Personalize search (pet policy, parking, in-unit laundry, etc.);
  • Save the searches;
  • Compare rental rates;
  • Sharing listing with partner or roommate;
  • Create personal rental profile;
  • Get a virtual tour of the place;
  • Contact agents.

The app is constantly updated. If the status of the listing changes, it is visible in 24 hours.

Trulia Rentals

Students interested in knowing more about home values and neighborhoods will live this one. It has one of the most detailed data on the area, including:

  • Safety;
  • Walkability;
  • Legal protection of gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • Employment rates;
  • Crime rates;
  • Commute lengths;
  • Schools;
  • Shopping.

Another huge benefit is directly contacting the property manager via Trulia. There is no need to put your phone in or submit any forms for that. That’s why it is one of the best apps in terms of productivity on the market.


The main advantage of this app is that it shows the real-time availability of places on the map. It gives information on amenities and possible additional fees. The listings are verified, which eliminates the risk of a scam.

There is a huge inventory that is updated daily. Students can find not only apartments here but also condos, studio homes, houses, etc. And you can apply directly through the app as well. The search filters are quite extensive, so it is easy to personalize the process.


HotPads is one of the best apps for major cities, which can be useful for students. However, it works throughout the country as well. There is information on neighborhoods and the ability to share listings with others. 

So if you are looking for properties with roommates, it is easy to collaborate and share responsibilities on the search. It gives a little bit more time to study without losing progress.

Some places have 3-D tours, which helps get a better idea of what you’ll get. Students may also appreciate the feature of posting listings if they are looking for a roommate.


Realtor.com also has a pretty impressive inventory, with agents updating the listings daily. Users can see when the listing was last updated, which is a huge plus. One of the cool features is that you can hide a result from the search if you do not like it.

There is also data on a neighborhood, for example, noise level assessment and crime rates. But the search filters are somewhat limited compared to other software. Virtual tours are available. Students can compare prices with different neighborhoods and view the Yelp-powered map to see what restaurants and bars are around.

Source https://unsplash.com/photos/KTSYy-3XVSo


Zumper gives immediate alerts when a suitable property goes online. This is great for high-density areas where places get rented out in a matter of hours or days.

A significant advantage of Zumper is the partnership with TransUnion. It means users can submit an application via the app directly with their credit scores available. And it is secure as well. It is one of the best apps out there in terms of saving time.

One can pre-book tours and also prequalify for an apartment. It is possible to pay rent via Zumper when the lease is signed in some areas.

Apartment List

If you are looking specifically for an apartment, this app has a decent inventory to offer. First of all, users need to answer several questions about the place they are interested in. The questions are in terms of location, budget, and amenities prioritization.

After the questionnaire, the software groups available listings according to the answers. You can like or dislike the offers a bit similar to the dating app. The liked ones go to a shortlist of options.

Apartment Finder

This one is designed for new renters and those who are strict with the budget. So students are mostly in the target audience. It is one of the best in terms of finding something more affordable. And filters help to find the best deal.

Among listings, some properties accept housing vouchers. There are all kinds of specials, for example, places where utilities are included in the rent. The communication with property managers is easy to track through the software.


Mobile apps make student life much easier. With these, they can find properties that suit all their needs and requirements fast and without much effort. Features like personalized filters and neighborhood information are very helpful for those who move to a new city. They are data-driven, simple to use, and, most importantly, free.

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