6 and 8 Core Intel Tiger Lake-H CPUs Coming in Late June [Rumor]

In a Reddit post, an XMP rep has clarified that Intel’s Tiger Lake-H processors featuring 6 and 8 cores will likely launch in late Q2 2021, or ending June. These chips dubbed Tiger Lake H45 have yet to be announced, although we’ve already seen a few leaks and rumors.

Intel earlier launched the H35 range of Tiger Lake-H processors at CES, but these are essentially the same quad-core U series chips with beefed-up power requirements and higher clock speeds. XMG believes that Cezanne and Tiger Lake H35 will likely be offered in parallel. Although the former is slated to launch next month, supply is expected to be very limited till the second half of the year.

The laptop-maker expects the XMG NEO with the RTX 3080 and a WQHD display to arrive first followed by the RTX 3060 and 3070 models later on. Most of the mainstream products will only get the 3060 and 3070 with AMD Renoir and Intel Comet Lake-H parts, although with a delayed launch. Lastly, there are no plans to release any iGPU only laptops this year with AMD’s Cezanne processors due to supply constraints. (cdphpfitnessconnect.org)



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