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50 Saves in One Game: Jordan Binnington Breaks his Record

The “St. Louis Blues” goalkeeper added the game against “Golden Knights” into his golden collection. Jordan has broken the personal record by the number of saves in one match.

The goalkeeper helps “Blues” have their revenge

The team from Saint Louis undergoes quite hard times. Before a game against “Golden Knights,” there was a terrible series of 7 losses in a row. This is why the team was lowered to the 5th position with 40 points. Binnington decided it was enough. The “Blues” goalkeeper saved his team 50 times out of 51 rippers. Can you imagine such a great result? 50 saves, Charles!

The 27-year-old Canadian has a true reason to be proud of himself. 50 saves is the best Jordan’s career result. This season Bennington has won 12 games out of 29 matches. Perhaps, such an unbelievable result will push “St. Louis Blues” to brighter results and new heights.

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A dive into NHL records

50 saves are quite an impressive result for one game; meanwhile, Jordan is still far from the best NHL savers. Who are those heroes?

Normie Smith is the one who made 92 saves in 1936; meanwhile, there is one ‘but’ – the game duration was 176 minutes. As such, the record cannot be considered seriously.

While talking about the regular seasons, Ron Tugnutt is the record holder. The Canadian goalkeeper once saved the target 70 times. Can you imagine him being replaced by a less qualified player?

Tugnutt is 52 now, but what about the records of currently playing goalkeepers? Mike Smith, with 58 saves, heads this ranking. Well, 58 saves – Jordan was close to inscribe his name in ice hockey history. The season is still in progress; this means Binnington has more chances to break the NHL record.

Percentage of saves: Jordan is quite successful

This season Jordan Bennington has a saves percentage of 0.912%, and that is the lowest index within the five last seasons of “Blues” goalkeeper. Meanwhile, Jordan wishes to help his team get a ticket to the play-off round. “St. Louis Blues” need 3 points to get 4th place.

If to dive into statistics, the best season spent by Binnington is 2012/12 with 0.932% of saves. Can Jordan upgrade the previous results? The time will show. Visit BetSofa to make the expectations even more intriguing.

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