5 Reasons to Download Games.lol on Your PC

Playing mobile games is a thing for most people nowadays because of the convenience that you can play anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the gameplay is relatively easy with one tap or swipe of the finger. However, there are still gamers who love the gaming experience on the big screen—which is on PC. This brings the rise of game launchers and emulators to make mobile games work on the comforts of your PC. It may not be as handy and convenient as that of the mobile device, but you have more control of the game because of the peripherals at your desk.

One popular and practical software, to be exact, is Games.lol. It is everything a gamer would love to have to make those games work on your PC. It is a game launcher that features a games library, so you don’t need to open another window to choose the game you want to play. Moreover, Games.lol is very convenient to use. Thus, there is no reason not to have it downloaded on any PC. If you want to know the top five reasons why you should have Games.lol on your PC today, read on.

Play Games Directly

Players love it when the process is very simple. Just turn on the PC, log into the game, and play—this is what makes Games.lol a must-have because everything is all-in. You no longer need to search your game at the Google Play Store or any app store because everything is in the software already. Thus, there is no hassle in choosing and playing your preferred game. Be it a puzzle, FPS, adventure, idle clicker, or role-playing game, you get to enjoy your favorite mobile game on PC.

Graphic Quality Maintained

If it is a notion that Android games played through a game launcher may compromise its visual display. Well, it does not work like that with Games.lol. When you have this software installed on your PC, nothing gets pixelated. The quality of graphics stays the same, even the audio effects. Furthermore, the software does not do anything wrong to any mobile game, making Games.lol a good choice for your PC. It only gets better once you have it because you have a bigger screen and more control of the gameplay using the mouse and keyboard.

No Need for Rebooting

With Games.lol, you can enjoy your favorite mobile games on the PC with no hassle. That means Windows and Google Android can run in parallel without any problems. Now, playing on the mobile phone is convenient. But if you really want to enjoy the gameplay, playing it on PC will only make it better. Moreover, when playing on PC, the monitor is at eye level, and the hardware peripherals are at arm’s reach. This is a great innovation in software because you don’t need to reboot between Google and Windows. You can easily launch both together and play the games for fun!

Runs on Any PC

When people install new software to the PC, it usually has some requirements for it to run correctly. And this is true for some game launchers which need high-end computers to work. The result usually ends up with gamers not pushing towards playing their favorite mobile games on PC anymore. But with Games.lol, this is definitely not an issue. This software does not need more memory or space to be installed. It can run perfectly well on any type of PC, even the low-budget ones.

If you happen to have a high-end PC, Games.lol will run well. These are the specifications for such computers:

  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5
  • 8GB RAM or higher
  • 40GB HD or higher
  • A stable Internet connection

For those who have a basic PC and think that you can’t enjoy your mobile games on it, well you are in luck because Games.lol will make your gaming dreams come true! Here are the basic PC requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • Intel/AMD Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GB HD
  • A stable Internet connection

No Lags During Game Time

The common problem gamers avoid in using game launchers is the lag or downtime during play. It can be pretty annoying if you are on your way to victory in a battle, then suddenly, your PC slows down. Well, that is not the case for Games.lol. Once you have installed the software on the PC, you can now play your favorite game. Apart from that, there will be no lags, so you can play any game at ease.

The only thing that is slow in Games.lol is its installation process. It does not work the same way with every computer, so expect others to have slow or fast installation, depending on their turnaround time. A guarantee, though, is that once it’s done installing, there will be no more slowing down during game time.

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