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5 Mind-Blowing Advances In Gaming Technology

Gaming technologies can be the most dynamic in the world. Many have come across Oculus and the recent advancements in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in the recent past. Today, players can participate in e-sports gaming on real money casinos, place wagers on the winner, use no deposit bonus codes 2022 Australia, or participate in the game remotely.

Other advancements making this type of gaming a reality include the introduction of the 5G network and Cloud storage space, allowing substantial data sets that characterize a single simulator game during gameplay. However, these are standard and well-known gaming technologies. But here are some of the yet-to-be-identified and widespread gaming technologies that will blow your mind!

  • Cable Robot Simulator
  • Hololens
  • Gaming Suits

Cable Robot Simulator

TechFreeze describes this technology as awe-inspiring, and a much-needed solution to one of the biggest challenges innovators are facing today’s motion! MaxPlanckSociety, a German Based company, designed the Cable Robot Simulator to help solve the motion condition on any gaming console. Virtual reality was already available but could only be possible on motionless platforms. The Simulator combines the feeling of playing in a VR system but with additional movement that imitates an amusement park ride.

The ride has lightweight cables holding it high above the air as it moves in different directions mimicking an airplane or bird’s flight mode but in reverse. The Cable Robot system is a single passenger or two-passenger ride on a platform within a carbon-fiber framed cage. Players can set different movement trajectories, front or back, side to side, and enjoy the ride with minimal assistance. However, when coupled with virtual reality online gaming systems such as a headset or frontal simulation for a flight, the movement becomes more realistic and highly dynamic, delivering a mind-blowing gaming session. You can race or fly through the Himalayas Mountains or race through the busiest towns in pursuit of a criminal! With the Cable Root Simulator and a VR headset, anything is possible in the gaming world!


Are you tired of virtual games on an online casino, or the live platform does not bring out the adrenaline levels as before? Consider getting the Hololens. According to TechFreeze, the latest gaming technological device has various scenarios programmed into it, resulting in a mind-blowing gaming experience whenever in use. The support device generated by Microsoft has an advanced gaming application that takes gamers out of this world and into a platform that is like no other. An example of a Hololens scene is a Sci-Fi film with an alien invasion shooting lasers at you. However, the device equips you with a plasma shooting device for protection, and you can eviscerate the aliens with a few shots!

Hololens, by definition, is a “wearable, untethered and holographic computer” by Microsoft. So far, it can be defined as the most revolutionary and futuristic device ever designed on the face of the earth. Upon closer inspection, the Hololens is a headband-based computer with a camera, holographic lens, speakers, and a computer processor. Gamers can interact with any objects on the computer holograms when using the Hololens. Plus, you can make calls on Skype by producing a holographic screen, making the experience much more integrated and immersive than any other on the market. The device controls include your voice, virtual touch, or hand gestures. You can transform any space according to your imagination. Even though it came into the market back in 2016, the consumer version has yet to be launched.

Gaming Suits

These redefine the word “Interactive” and the phrase “Immersive Experiences” in the gaming world. Interactive means that the player can interact with the gaming environment. Immersive implies that the experience is not only realistic but also capitalizes on all your human senses from “touch or feel” to action-oriented “push,” “Pain,” and much more. With a gaming suite, “anything that happens in the game happens to you.” You get shot; you feel the vibrations, the bullet piercing your flesh, and the impact of it in general. The suit is not yet ready for release to the public, as it is still undergoing tests to make it suitable for consumers.

The suit employs electrodes that vibrate, giving you an immersive experience. At the same time, it comes equipped with an inbuilt sound system that brings you closer to the action. The designers of this ARAIG “As Real as It Gets” suit, Tesla studios, took virtual reality a step further in designing this gaming technology. The suit has electrodes that match the suit from the shoulders to the knees and hands. Plus, you can upload various virtual reality aspects and use the suit to play and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.


Well, who doesn’t want to escape this world and its hardships once in his lifetime! Not many would know your innermost feelings, but VOID provides that same opportunity. According to TechFreeze, players can become part of the gaming world within the VOID by physically participating in your select game! Inside the VOID, the natural world ceases to exist, and all the human senses remain active, but the reasons only report your gaming environment. Many will say that such a situation is impossible, but VOID captures it all.

The VOID utilises physical sets that employ virtual reality technology but with an advanced aspect allowing the environment to emerge more clearly, better and making it more suitable for gaming. Gamers wear highly advanced headsets that tune out the entire universe, and you remain alone in the world immersed in the game set. The headsets come with OLED panels displaying a wholly computer-generated environment/reality. Plus, the headbands have excellent sound speakers that add to the gaming environment and adrenaline. Sensory Fuse gloves are an addition to the VOID experience as they help you touch and control real and computer-generated surfaces while playing! Finally, the vest that matches the gaming suit discussed above is issued to players for the experience!


It is similar to the gaming suite to help you acclimatise and feel all the vibrations and other happenings surrounding you during a game. The vest employs 4D technology, immersing you in the gaming environment where experiences are similar to the outside world. Unless an individual is aware of the gaming environment, it would be hard to differentiate the feelings brought by the vest and the actual feelings in the real world. One of the online technology platforms describing the best technologies today describes the KOR-FX experience using this statement “you can feel everything around you that’s happening. When you get shot, you can feel the direction of where it’s coming from!”


These mind-blowing gaming technologies are advancements in many technological sectors. However, most are still futuristic as they are yet to enter the consumer market. The gaming suits and vests, plus the Hololens, are yet to be launched for use by the public. However, with a small peak into what to expect, gamers can look forward to a more advanced and immersive gaming experience than ever before!

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