5 Great Games You Can Play on an Ancient Laptop

If you are saddled with an old-school laptop that you feel is barely enough to boot up a Word doc, you might understandably feel that the world of PC gaming is closed off to you.

After all, the vast majority of PC and even online games that have been released over the past few years require ever more extravagant CPU and GPU processing requirements just to make it past the main menu.

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However, you might take comfort in the fact that there is no shortage of awesome, endlessly replayable games that even the most beat-up old laptop can handle. Read on to find out five truly great games you can play on an old laptop.

1. Minecraft

By some estimates the most popular PC game on the planet, with more than 126 million regular players worldwide, Minecraft still manages to be immersive and thought-provoking more than 10 years after its original release. This infinite open-world online game allows you to build your own universe, embark on quests with friends, and explore the eccentricities and hidden locations of this truly unique game. 

2. Classic World of Warcraft

There are few MMORPGs out there that have had a more significant and lasting cultural impact than the World of Warcraft series. While the game, which allows you to team up with friends in a sprawling mythical world to slay dragons and orcs, has gone through some significant upgrades in recent years, the original Blizzard version is still available to play and will run on even the oldest laptop. 

3. Gonzo’s Quest 

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4. Brutal Doom

Anyone who is committed to basic laptop gaming will be the first to sing the praises of the original generation of Doom games. However, Brutal Doom is a free-to-download game that offers the most sophisticated and varied gameplay with the lowest possible hardware requirements. There is also a sprawling online fan community for BD that regularly releases free mods and maps for you to download whenever you wish.

5. Half-Life Series

Finally, we can’t forget about the game series that launched Valve into the upper echelons of the gaming industry and forever changed how we perceive narrative storytelling in video games. The chilling post-apocalyptic world of the Half-Life series has spawned a massive library of references, catchphrases, and cultural touchstones that any committed gamer will likely still use to this day. This game series is thoughtful, action-packed, immersive, and impossible to forget once you have stopped playing. 

These are just a few of our absolute favorite games that will run on virtually any laptop device, no matter how old. If you believe there to be any glaring omissions from this list, let us know in the comments. 

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