5 GENIUS Study Hacks to Save You Time

In college, studying can get intense, and time may become too important to waste. Regardless of whether you’re studying for two years or four, the intensity of the hands-on material can get challenging to digest. On top of that, your other school-related responsibilities also multiply, and the only way to get to the end is through.

When your college activities become unbearable, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to find smart hacks to help you save time and succeed academically, both at the same time. This is exactly what we’ll be doing in this article – help you find them.

How to Use Hacks to Increase Productivity

Since you’ve only got so much time to study each day, using hacks is almost necessary in order to get everything done. You’ve got to learn how to learn and then, implement these next hacks into your school life. Do they work? Yes. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.

  1. Design your own to-do lists

Figuring out what you have to do and when you have to do it can boost your productivity. Our minds are too disorganized to find the next most valuable goal to accomplish throughout the day. Unless we make our own to-do lists, we lose time – and we all know that time is money. Making to-do lists then becomes necessary. Check out the following advice.

  • Break your to-do list into two parts – the essential/not-so-essential
  • Set a deadline for each one of your tasks and check them as you complete them
  • Create a “done” list since it’ll boost satisfaction
  • Prioritize and engage with the most important tasks first
  • Revise your to-do list if necessary as you accomplish your goals
  • Don’t increase the difficulty of your to-do list before you’re ready to take on more
  • Quizlet can save you before an exam

Believe it or not, this genius app can get you out of trouble when your time is limited. Quizlet uses printable flashcards to help you study faster. They can help you learn important vocabulary terms and review more challenging concepts. Plus, the app hosts over 64 different academic subjects, all of them verified and written by experts. No matter whether you’re an early morning or all-nighter kind of person, Quizlet helps you save time. It will help you release the stress associated with studying and focus on what’s important – the content.

  • Get rid of immediate distractions

You already know that you should turn off your TV when studying, but do you know that there are apps designed to keep you off other apps?

For example, you could install the Forest app and turn it on. Once you do that, it will automatically start growing a “tree.” When you’re looking at the screen, the tree stops growing. The less you look at the screen, the more chances to build a forest of your own. This is an inventive way of keeping students off their phones, and it works.

  • Use online services

Working on challenging assignments and projects can take a lot of time. Completing these academic tasks on top of your regular schoolwork can be tough. It could make you lose sleep and might negatively influence your health. So, in case you’re rushing to submit your paper, you could use the help of a pro essay writer to boost your writing skills and develop time-management strategies. Every student should be able to ask for help and benefit from it when he or she needs it.

  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

Using effective strategies is useless if you’re not sure where you’re headed. This is why you must set goals before anything else. Your goals should be included in all of the following categories. Your goals should be

  • Specific – make them concise for effective planning
  • Measurable – how will you track progress and reevaluate when necessary?
  • Attainable – make them realistic and complete them within a time frame
  • Relevant – align your smart goals with your values and long-term objectives
  • Time-based – set deadlines to increase motivation

Wrapping Up

To ensure that you stay productive, design your own to-do lists after the model we’ve presented. Stick to the list and accomplish everything step by step. Don’t forget to use Quizlet and professional writing services if you’re in high need of help.

Get rid of any distractions and set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals. As long as you met these criteria, you’ll be ready to conquer the day and ace your exams. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Michael Turner is a content writer and media enthusiast. He works for an NGO and volunteers at a local shelter in his free time. Currently, he’s helping international students develop professional academic content.

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