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5 Digital Literacy Platforms for Tech Students

In the past decade, programming has become one of the most popular disciplines as the field promises enticing career opportunities. Students have a chance to create the next valuable app or a top-ranking video game. The demand is so high that most colleges have tech departments. But reading books and attending lectures can only get them so far.

There are many online platforms on which they can practice what they know in theory. Such websites offer a hands-on approach. They give a chance to hone skills in real work environments and get help from the top educators in the field. How can I do my computer science homework?


freeCodeCamp is one of the greatest free resources available. Tech students can use it to improve their education. It’s a non-profit organization that provides content and resources for developers and programmers. Its experts share guides, quality posts, and materials for beginners. This data can be used for practicing and mastering coding skills.

One of their best resources lies in the interactive learning web platforms. Students can use them to practice web development with programming languages, including

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript.

freeCodeCamp offers various assignments and questions. Students and other aspirants can work alone or in pairs to achieve the required results. One can get free certificates on

  • Javascript algorithms and data structures;
  • data visualization and data science;
  • front-end development libraries;
  • responsive web design systems.

There’s a chance that students will gain enough useful knowledge to handle their studies. This knowledge is vast enough for them to tackle projects on their own instead of typing “buy essay” in the search bar. So, don’t hesitate to try this platform. There are so many courses that it would take a separate article to talk about them all. 


Not everybody likes to get their knowledge from courses, online classes, and tutorials. Some students need a clear picture of what they’re doing. CodinGame solves this issue by giving programming a videogame format.

The website doesn’t offer spectacular AAA titles. But it gives students a sense of coding in an interactive way. The game consists of solving puzzles. There are games of different difficulties. Only try the ones that coincide with your coding expertise. With the help of CodinGame, you can improve knowledge of such coding languages as

  • Objective-C;
  • PHP;
  • Python;
  • Swift;
  • Visual Basic.

Aside from testing their abilities, users can take part in various contests. These competitions are provided by companies looking for new developer talent. Aside from great practice, registering improves the odds of getting noticed by the developer community.


Unlike other knowledge databases, DevProjects is a community of programmers. Its members learn coding by working on specially tailored projects. Senior developers and mentors design each of them. Their goal is to erase the line between theory and practice. Students can turn to experienced devs if they have any questions or if they want to discuss details and receive feedback on the code.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/photo/6860464/

Students can work on a wide range of projects written in Python. They have various applications in the real world. You can use these projects to build your portfolio even before you graduate.

Experts recommend this website for students who see themselves as future Python developers. Should they get stuck on any issue, there will be mentors who offer guidance. That way, students will be able to achieve the best results.


HackerRank is one of the greatest platforms on the Internet. Students can use one of the resources to start their developer careers. The platform has access to crash courses and challenges. Users can take on 30-day trials to gain experience in various programming languages.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/photo/4974912/

The platform provides useful tools and information for coding enthusiasts. It’s one of the best ways of finding the first place of employment for students. That’s because HackerRank is intended for aspiring programmers and companies.

The latter use the platform to find new dev talent. Companies can look at their ranking and coding skills.


GeeksforGeeks offers great opportunities for students who can get their hands on free content. They can learn about programming languages and topics related to coding. The platform has many well-thought-out articles and quizzes, all of which concern computer science and programming. It’s a perfect way to get more experience and hone programming skills.

The main benefit of the platform is that it offers content on specific topics and concepts. Students are bound to find quality materials that explain their topics of interest in great detail. This content can include such themes as C, C++, Python, Java, and other similar languages.

Students can use the website to learn how to better understand competitive programming. There’s even the ability to enter events with other devs. Anybody who begins their programming career can find all the basics on the platform.


W3Schools offers services for learning web tech online. Students will find tutorials and references on such programming languages as

  • CSS;
  • JavaScript;
  • HTML;
  • JSON;
  • PHP;
  • Python;
  • AngularJS;
  • React.js.

In general, there are dozens of coding languages users can learn in their spare time. The platform can even become a substitute for textbooks if students can’t afford them.

The best part is that the resources are completely free. Unlike platforms such as edX or Coursera, you don’t have to pay for the materials. The information is provided in a documentation style. Students can interact with code blocks and try to replicate them. It’s a great way to get into programming.

The platform also offers great coding tutorials and examples of experiments with code blocks. Students can explore the best exercises, references, and courses. All this content improves productivity and nudges users into participating with others.


As you can see, there’s a great number of free courses. Once can broaden their knowledge of programming, processing data, and other aspects of coding. It’s especially useful for practicing what you learn in each class and even speeding up the education process. That’s why any of these services is worth signing up for.

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