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5 Amazing Casino Myths

While many upbeat gamblers believe in illogical myths about how to maximize their chances by using National Casino Canada welcome bonus, cynical viewers believe rumors of unfair casino management. In both cases, many of these popular ideas, which are repeated over and over again, are complete misconceptions.

However, they betray an irrational fascination with the world of gambling in general and casino culture in particular. We’ve selected the top ten most popular misconceptions to finally get the facts.

1. The Largest Casinos in the World are located in Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a popular global misconception that the largest casinos on the planet can be found in Las Vegas. In fact, while Las Vegas is definitely the most famous casino culture, the real Mecca in the world is Macau, China. Both Venetian and The City of Dreams Resorts in Macau, tower above MGM Grand and Bellagio in Vegas. While the Chinese replica of this romantic Italian city measures 546,000 square feet, the largest casino in Vegas, MGM Grand, is 120,000 square feet. What’s more, ironically, even the MGM Grand Macau branch is larger than the original, measuring 221,952 square feet.

2. Your Chances of Winning Red or Black at Roulette are 50/50

In truth, the American roulette board includes two green spaces, a zero and a double zero, which reduces the overall chances of winning either red or black to 47.4%. For European roulette the odds are slightly higher, as this version does not have 00, this increases your chances of winning either red or black to 48.6%. Unfortunately, the 50/50 chance is just false hope.

3. Big Winners Get Special Privileges from Casinos

Owners try to maximize their profits, and big winners are bad for business. Champagne and deluxe hotel rooms are reserved for big members who don’t always win. Frequent customers are expected to receive free hotel rooms and in-house drinks, but some innovative loyalty programs such as MG Life’s M Life offer the opportunity to meet celebrities and access the most exclusive locations. You may even get the chance to swim in a shark tank if you spend a lot of money. The amazing thing about this scheme is that casinos count every dollar spent on their premises, including hotel rooms, drinks, or private cars.

4. Casinos Add Extra Oxygen to Their Rooms to Gamble Longer

Casinos have a reputation for being very cunning in their tactics to encourage shameless cash giveaways, however, we believe that this particular tactic is just a myth. For years, the casino industry has given the impression that they are pumping excess air into the room to keep people on alert longer. What for? If you’ve ever been to a mountainous region, you’ve noticed that the lack of oxygen makes people feel lethargic, while the added incentive will keep them awake enough to play the night away. This is the reason for this cynical rumor.

5. Tracking Slots Patterns Can Help You Win

Punters can count oranges and lemons whatever they want, but the computer distributes randomly generated numbers. It is very difficult to beat the car with logic, pure luck. There is another common misconception that slot machines are programmed to pay out at a specific time, and therefore you have less chance of winning immediately after someone has won the jackpot. By the way, you can find a mirror for playing online at the link. Once again, the machine is completely an ad-hoc generator of information; it has no will, rhyme, or reason.

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