4 gadgets that will make for a great and meaningful Father’s Day gift

You know better than to believe your father when he says he doesn’t want anything special for Father’s Day. This year, why not gift him something that is hip and meaningful. He’s probably working from home post the coronavirus and he needs something to tackle the WFH blues. The transition to hybrid has flipped the conventional workplace on its head, introducing a variety of new considerations and challenges. Here are four recommendations to make his hybrid work experience more fun and comfortable, allowing your father to strike a good work-life balance!

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Poly Voyager Focus UC
1. A distraction-free workspace   If a home office can be distracting so allow him to stay focused no matter the environment with Voyager Focus UC. Equipped with active noise cancellation, the Voyager Focus UC eliminates background distraction, so he is always ready for anything that works throws at him.      
Buy here Price: ₹ 23,845
  Poly Voyager Focus UC        
2. Make his breaks worth it    Taking frequent breaks is vital in any profession, especially when working from home, and much more so when working from home as a parent. Relaxing breaks will increase productivity and decrease burnout. With the Poly Sync 20 USB speakerphone that switches effortlessly from work to play with remarkable audio quality for both meetings and music, it makes his old song jam sessions a little better.
    Buy here Price: ₹  15,388

                                Poly Sync 20                                        
3. Give a boost to his social life    Whether good-natured grumbling over unfinished work or much-needed coffee breaks, they have a way of brightening up one’s workday. He definitely misses a meeting and interacting with his colleagues and friends. Gift him the Poly Studio P5 with pro-grade camera optics and a focused directional microphone. The Studio P5 brings you a video call experience so true-to-life it is as though you are seeing them in the flesh. Outside of work, a video call also bridges any geographical distance with his friends and family residing overseas, so they are never too far away.          
Buy here Price: ₹ 7,520
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Poly Studio P5                       
4. Gift him back his comfort    If he is going to be spending long hours working, he might as well get comfortable. Physical comfort and a positive atmosphere can work wonders on the mind and body, improving motivation, work output, and satisfaction. Blackwire 8225 is designed for all-day wearing. With its lightweight design, adjustment markers, and 180° pivoting speakers, the Blackwire 8225 allows you to engage in calls and discussions in both comfort and style.
  Buy here Price: ₹ 28,519
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  Poly Blackwire 8225   

In this pandemic-fueled uncertainty, one thing remains clear: love it or hate it, Working from home is here to stay. Whether your fathers work best tranquility at their home office or want a strong cup of coffee and some background noise to get their game on, figuring out what works best for them and equipping them with the right tools and resources is a perfect gift for this Father’s Day. Show them how much you appreciate your dad this Father’s Day the Poly range of products and upgrade his Work From Home gear. 

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