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32GB DDR5-5600 Memory Worth $189.99 Free Upon Purchase of Ryzen 7000 CPUs at Microcenter

Microcenter is giving away free DDR5 memory kits to consumers buying the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs. The G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR5-5600 CL34 has a market value of $189.99 and supports AMD Expo (one-click memory OC). Last month, reviewers were sent DDR5-6000 CL40 kits to test the Ryzen 7000 CPUs. Going by that, this is a pretty sweet deal.

All the Ryzen 7000 CPUs are limited to store pickups as online supply has long run out. Thankfully, Microcenter has priced the chips precisely as per the MSRPs: The Ryzen 7 7700X at $399.99, Ryzen 9 7900X at $549, and the 7950X at $699. These may seem decent considering the cutting-edge performance offered by these processors, but with Intel’s Raptor Lake launch around the corner, there’s no way AMD will be able to get away with these figures.


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