300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX Graphics Cards Seized by Hong Kong Customs from Smugglers

Hong Kong Customs seized a fishing boat full of graphics cards on the 3rd of April. A suspicious boat was spotted in the waters next to the regional airport with a total of 300 units of the NVIDIA CMP 30HX miner-centric GPU. The customs officials were quick to seize the cargo and smugglers were arrested along with the boat owners. It’s unclear just yet which board partner the GPUs are from as there’s no label, but they appear to be dual-fan variants of the CMP 30HX.

ArchitectureTuring (TU116)Turing (TU106)Turing (TU104)Ampere (GA102)
Ethereum Hash Rate(1)26 MH/s36 MH/s45 MH/s86 MH/s
Rated Power(2)125 W185 W250 W320 W
Power Connectors(2)1x 8-pin1x 8-pin2x 8-pin2x 8-pin
Memory Size6GB8GB10GB10GB
Starting AvailabilityQ1Q1Q2Q2

The NVIDIA CMP 30HX is an entry-level graphics card aimed at miners. It’s based on the TU116 GPU, the same die that powers the GeForce 1650 and 1660 lineups. It comes with 1,408 CUDA cores, 6GB of GDDR6 memory paired with a 192-bit bus, resulting in a total bandwidth of 336GB/s. The 30HX has a base clock of 1,530MHz and a boost of 1,785MHz.



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