3 Reasons Why Businesses Need Call Tracking

Call tracking is a method of monitoring the effectiveness of current online and offline advertising campaigns. It is hard to imagine a business that relies on just one advertising channel. On the one hand, this way, you always know how your customers find you. On the other hand, a single advertising channel will hardly provide your business with enough conversions to stay competitive and commercially successful.

Today, businesses prefer to probe various traffic channels, such as online marketplaces, online banners, printed fliers, TV commercials, and many more, to make sure the target audience is familiar with the brand. Call tracking is designed to monitor the marketing efforts and to react timely to any market fluctuations.

Why does your business need call tracking?

It would be an exaggeration to say that absolutely any business needs call tracking. Call tracking software is useful for those companies whose clients prefer to call before making a purchase, or who are interested in phone consultations. Thus, call tracking is beneficial for businesses that interact with clients often and mostly over the phone.

Call tracking assists marketers in answering three questions:

  • What advertising campaign is the most productive for my product?
  • How much do I pay per lead?
  • How can I improve the results?

Therefore, three main reasons for applying call tracking software are the following:

  1. Transparent analytical data regarding the current advertising campaigns

When the first inbound calls are taken, the analytical data in the call log shows the ad that generated the call, the length of the call, and the location of the caller. Besides, analytics allows the transcript of a call or call recordings, which can both assist in searching for relevant keywords. Call recordings reveal the pains of the clients and their expectations of the product or service.

  1. Saving marketing budgets

The costs per lead are also shown in the analytics. Therefore, marketers monitor how much money they pay for the leads and which of the traffic channels is the most productive. The settings of the call tracking software enable advertisers to swiftly make changes to the campaigns. It is possible either to disable an unproductive ad with a single click or to optimize it with precise targeting or better wording. The results of the changes will be immediately reflected with the next inbound call. Therefore, call tracking analytics is transparent and excludes any kind of guessing game.

  1. Happy employees and increased customer loyalty

Call recordings allow managers to reveal a lack of soft skills among the agents and offer them training sessions. Such functionality as call routing, IVR, and whisper messages provides employees with convenient working hours. They can work in shifts or be assigned to calls generated by a particular ad for them to know what kind of requests they will deal with. A virtual assistant in the IVR menu is able to automate the most common requests and free the agents for more challenging tasks. Therefore, employees that are happy with their working conditions are motivated enough to convert leads and improve the performance indicators.

Who needs call tracking?

Call tracking software is helpful for any business that interacts with its customers. It may be a sole affiliate marketer or a huge call center. Call tracking is able to improve the performance of a company of any size.

  • Call tracking for media buyers helps to probe the traffic channels and to understand which of them is able to provide high-quality leads in sufficient amounts.
  • Call tracking for marketers provides them with full analytical data regarding the designed campaigns. The software analyzes the marketing efforts and assists in enhancing the strategy.
  • Call tracking for call centers enables arranging the working hours for the agents, assessing their performance, and training new staff. 
  • Call tracking for small and medium businesses is able to improve marketing processes, make more people familiar with the brand, and increase conversion rates.
  • Call tracking for enterprises strengthens the internal CRM system and arranges the customer data in a structural and accessible manner. 


Call tracking software is a handy tool for monitoring marketing campaigns, improving their performance, and assessing the effectiveness of the agents. It can become a reliable assistant for the marketing department. However, before choosing a solution, all the requirements of the business need to be discussed. It is also very convenient when there is an opportunity to test the functionality of the product before purchasing the license.

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