20 Most Common Gambling and Casino Myths Analyzed (2022)

The world of gambling and casino is full of myths. Many people view the game negatively, thinking it’s steeped in vice or just another waste of time. Do you ever wonder why many people believe these ridiculous gambling and casino myths? Do you sometimes feel like your friends or family members are gambling their way out of a bad financial situation? Do you want to explore the truth about these popular topics but fear being labeled as an addict or a pathological gambler? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this article is for you! You are not alone. Most people have heard some version of the following myths about gambling. Get a chance to win real money online casino Canada, through this link.

Gambling Is Illegal in Every Country

Gambling has been illegal in all but a few countries since the 1930s. While exceptions exist, most countries outlaw any kind of gambling activity and regulate the placement of gambling devices like slot machines.

Casinos Pump in Oxygen to Keep You Awake

While many people have heard about the seedy underbelly of casinos, they often have no idea what to expect when they visit one. In reality, casinos are very clean and organized.

You Need to Be Rich to Play Casino Games

First, it is important to note that you do not need to be extremely rich to play casino games. However, the more money you play regularly, the easier it is for you to buy into the casino games and become a player.

Entrances Have the Good Slot Machines

Slot machines are placed in strategic locations such as bar areas or libraries. These machines are programmed to draw customers in with talk, drinks, and gambling.

Casinos Do Not Pay Out Even If You Win

While most casinos offer a game-play prize or payout guarantee, this is a myth. The money paid out to players does not depend on their winning; it is based on the total amount of money wagered by all players.

Dealers Can Influence the Outcome

Dealers can and will try to influence your gameplay in several ways. This can include selling you bad hands, offering you free spins, or just plain trying to get you to change your mind about playing.

Online Casinos Are Better Than Book Casinos

Online and book casinos are designed to be accessed and played online. The only difference is that online casinos are a little more advanced since they are based on computer algorithms.

Payout Rates Are Literal

This myth is based on the idea that slot machines have payouts given to the player. The payout rate is the percentage of the total winnings that the machine gives back to the player.

Keeping a Tab on the Past Results in Winning

Every time you play a slot machine, there is a small chance that you could win. Keeping a tab helps in identifying what works and what doesn’t.

Should Not Play on the Slot Machine That Has Just Won

This myth comes from the idea that if you’ve just won on a slot machine, you must immediately cash it in. This is rarely the case. Most casinos allow players to keep their winnings for at least a few days before having to cash them in.

Other Players Have an Influence on Your Hand

Staying away from other players’ hands is one of the most important things you can do when playing slots. Handlers who aren’t careful can get wiped out very quickly, while other players are simply kept out of their hands. If you’re handling a full deck, you are likely to lose.

Trick a Machine by Increasing the Bet Size

Some slot machines offer players the option to “trick” them by increasing their bet size. This is usually done by hitting the “Random” button on the slot machine itself or by going to the cashier’s cage and manually increasing the bet.

Card Counting Is Illegal

Card counting is a relatively new gambling strategy that is gaining traction in casinos. The idea is that you can use this information to improve your card play, so to speak. However, this is not considered gambling and is against the law in many countries.

Giving Your Card Is Mandatory 

Many people think that when they win on a slot machine, they have to hand their card to the dealer and wait for their money to be distributed. Some casinos offer a “cashless” environment where players don’t have to interact with dealers.

You’re More Likely to Win on Slots in a Busy Casino

This myth results from the idea that playing slots in a busy casino is much less profitable than playing in a less-than-busy one. In reality, it’s the complete opposite.

You Need to Be Technologically Savvy to Play Casino Games Online

Very few casinos offer pay-per-view or pay-per-gamble features. This is why one of the best decisions you can make when playing casino games online is to get on the right side of technology.

Loose Slots and Tight Slots

Many think playing slots in a loose slot machine is a sure way to lose. That is not the case at all. You are probably trying too hard to win if you play a tight slot machine with a profit.

It’s All Just Luck

There is no such thing as “just” luck in gambling. Every time you pull the handle on any slot machine or blackjack table, you are playing a statistical game.

Casinos Are Rigged

Despite what you might have heard, casinos are not completely without integrity. All casinos follow a strict set of rules covering everything from the placement of games to how cards are dealt.

Game Will “Freeze” If You Win

While most games end when you reach your max bet, some will “freeze” even if you have just started playing. This can be harmful because it could mean that you were playing a game that could end at any time, even if you were ahead. 

Gambling is a lot of fun but can also be a money-losing proposition. To maximize your chances of winning, it’s important to research and know your options regarding casinos and slots.

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