16th Gen Intel Lunar Lake CPU Unveiled Using 20A (2nm) Process Node

Intel unveiled its 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors on the first day of its Innovation Event yesterday. In addition to the soon-to-be-launched platform, company CEO Pat Gelsinger also surprised the audience with a first look at its “leadership conferring” 16th Gen Lunar Lake PC. The Intel CEO demoed a notebook leveraging the next-to-next-gen Lunar Lake processor featuring an advanced NPU (Neural Processing Unit) capable of ample AI trickery.

The Lunar Lake notebook notebook ran two AI demos at the keynote. The first was Riffusion, an AI-based music generation plugin for Audacity that can be trained to generate tunes similar to your favorite artist. Stable Diffusion was also used to demonstrate a text-to-image generation model. Lunar Lake isn’t the first family to adopt an NPU. That honor goes to Meteor Lake, set to land in the coming months.

Initially, Lunar Lake was supposed to be an 18A lineup, preceded by 20A-based Arrow Lake a year before. However, considering that 18A isn’t even manufacturing-ready, it’s highly likely that it was backported to 20A, at least for the demo.

We know precious little about Lunar Lake. It is supposed to be a mobile-first family, built from the ground up for always-on devices. It’ll leverage the most advanced implementation of Foveros with a complex, multi-tile design, and most importantly, it’ll be fabbed on Intel’s most advanced process technology (18A or 20A).


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