14th Gen Intel Meteor Lake CPU Launch Confirmed for Late September 2024

Intel has officially confirmed the release date for its 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors. The chipmaker will reveal its next-gen notebook processors during its Innovation Event in late September. Titled “Intel Client Hardware Roadmap and the Rise of AI”, the lecture will focus on client hardware and software solutions to “help accelerate the speed of technology development and developer solutions at scale”.

Intel will launch the Meteor Lake mobility lineup, rebranding it as the 1st Gen Core Ultra family and resetting the Core nomenclature after 13 generations of processors. It will be the first chiplet-based (disaggregated) CPU family from Team Blue featuring new P and E core architectures, Redwood Cove and Crestmont.

These chips will stack four dies atop the interposer using Foveros packaging. The CPU die will be fabbed on the internal Intel 4 node, leaving the graphics and SoC die for TSMC’s N4 and N6 nodes, respectively. Meteor Lake will pack up to 14 cores, 6 P, and 8 E-cores, with a boost clock of 5GHz on the Core Ultra 7 and 5.1-5.2GHz on the Ultra 9.

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