14 Core/20 Thread Intel Alder Lake-P Mobile CPU Spotted with 24MB L3 Cache

An Intel Alder Lake-P mobile CPU with 14 cores and 20 threads has been spotted for the first time on Geekbench 5. Similar to Sunny and Willow Cove, it features 32KB and 48KB of L1 and L2 cache per core, but the L3 cache is a massive 24MB, likely divided into two chunks for the Golden Cove (big) and Grace Mont (little) cores.

The CPU is paired with LPDDR4X memory rather than LPDDR5

Furthermore, this CPU most likely features eight high-performance Golden Cove cores with hyperthreading and four low-power Grace Mont cores. The latter lack hyperthreading (SMT) which is why the total thread count is limited to 20, rather than 24.

This Alder Lake-P mobile chip is paired with a 96 EU (768 cores) integrated graphics processor running at a boost clock of 1.15GHz. The shared graphics memory is pegged at 6.31GB, with the total system RAM being 16GB. Interestingly, the system is using LPDDR4X memory rather than LPDDR5.

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