128 Core AMD Epyc Bergamo Process Spotted: 3.1GHz Boost Clock and a TDP of 360W?

AMD’s cloud-oriented Epyc Bergamo processors are planned for an early 2023 launch. Featuring the stripped-down variant of the Zen 4 core (Zen 4c), they’ll offer up to 128 cores per socket for compute-intensive cloud servers. The emergence of Arm-based designs such as Graviton and Ampere nudged AMD to work on special chips for this segment. (ivermectin) Bergamo is the first child of this initiative, packing up to 128 Zen 4c cores per socket (Source: Yuuki_Ans)

Bergamo is just like Genoa, except with a reduced L3 cache and lower clock speeds. AVX2 and, surprisingly, AVX512 support is included, albeit with longer execution times. While the standard Zen 4 CCD packs 32MB L3 cache, the Zen 4c CCD cuts it in half for a total of 256MB on the 128-core Epyc 9754 flagship. The die from the stripped SRAM is used to accommodate the additional CCDs.

Since Genoa and Bergamo use the same architecture and instructions, they are fully platform compatible, leveraging the same SP5 socket and the Promontory chipset. Consequently, memory and I/O support are the same as Genoa.

Interestingly, the Epyc 9754 has a TDP of 360W (same as 96-core Genoa), a considerable envelope for a 128-core processor with a peak boost clock of just 3.1GHz. The thermal design target may be shared with Genoa for compatibility reasons, but the ambient power draw should be slightly lower.


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