11 Year Old Bypasses Newegg’s GPU Lottery to Directly Purchase an RTX 3070

An 11-year old boy has discovered a way to bypass Newegg’s graphics card lottery system to directly purchase a GeForce RTX 3070 at the MSRP. Richardo Santana, an 11-year old boy from Florida used the Newegg mobile app to order an RTX 30-series without entering any lottery or raffle. The custom PC section of the app is designed to allow users to configure their PCs including the CPU, GPU, motherboard, chassis, and memory, and then buy them all at once.

11-year old Richardo, however, discovered that the same section could be used for purchasing and shipping graphics cards separately. Although the page initially shows that the GPU is out of stock, it can still be added to the shopping cart and then ordered at the check-out page. Multiple other users have tested this hack and have confirmed that it actually works.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, Newegg gas already patched the vulnerability. Newegg’s senior brand manager Andrew Choi said:

This vulnerability only sold a small number of graphics cards. We stopped all subsequent orders. Thanks to 11-year-old Ricardo Santana for discovering the vulnerability.

Via: PCMag


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