11 Finest Gaming Hardware Today

The most exciting years for gamers are the ones in which new consoles are released. There’s a lot of noise and excitement to process at once. However, the years after a publication might be just as significant. After the first giddy excitement of a new console has worn off, the best games and accessories can be fully appreciated.

Various gaming peripherals are available (everyone has a preferred mechanical keyboard or controller). Still, only some of the three major console manufacturers released new systems this year. 

While we were playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Scarlet, and Violet, Elden Ring, and Horizon: Forbidden West, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X were the greatest equipment that stood out and kept us playing, even gambling at sites with no deposit bonuses.

Steam Deck

One thing the Nintendo Switch’s phenomenal sales show is that people want to play AAA console games wherever they go. Valve expanded this trend with the Steam Deck, a portable device that allows players to access PC games purchased through Steam from virtually anywhere. 

Despite its enormous size, even for a handheld device, the Steam Deck has proven to be a huge success. PC gaming is more accessible than gaming laptop gaming since it can be played on the go or connected to a display or TV using a controller, keyboard, and mouse. The Steam Deck is a great option, and at its base price of $399, it’s also reasonably affordable.


Panic! at the Disco’s Playdate is an entirely new and exciting experience in every way. The Playdate is more interested in being unique than cutting edge, from its bright yellow case to its one-bit black-and-white screen to its hand crank on the side. The games themselves are provided in an unorthodox fashion, with new “season” drops arriving every week. Video games that are perfect for a group of friends to play together may not have the most photorealistic visuals or the most powerful CPU and GPU, but they make up for it in charm.

Genki Covert Dock Mini

To play games on a hotel TV, you’d need to bring the Nintendo Switch Dock, which is a pain to carry around. Lucky for us, Genki (who also made the Shadowcast adapter) released the Covert Dock Mini.

The power adapter may be plugged into any standard wall socket and features HDMI and USB-C inputs. This Nintendo Switch portable dock is the only one of its kind.

XBox Elite Controller Series 2 – Core

The Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is the best option for Xbox. It is a more inexpensive alternative to the Xbox Elite Controller. While it lacks some features found on the more expensive Xbox Elite Controller (paddles, adjustable thumbsticks, an extra D-pad, and a carrying case), it still has some nice improvements over the standard Xbox controller (such as adjustable-tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks, and a grippier design). As with the original Xbox controller, the Series 2 – Core controller can be personalized in Xbox Design Lab.

Sony Inzone H9

Sony made a bold move in the middle of 2022 when it introduced its Inzone gaming brand, bringing PlayStation to PC. The H3, H7, and H9 gaming headphones stole the show at Inzone’s first public showing. However, the late Inzone H9 stole the show. The H9 wireless headphones strike a good compromise between form and function, making use of technology first seen in Sony’s high-end WH-1000XM5 over-ear active noise-canceling headphones. Because of its high-end features, such as its quick switching between voice chat, calls, and music, and its compatibility with the PS5’s Tempest 3D Audio, we swiftly crowned them the best gaming headphones of the year.

Backbone One Playstation Edition

There are a lot of third-party controllers for the iPhone, but the Backbone One was a huge surprise hit late last year. 

Despite its name, the BackBone One is compatible with more than PlayStation hardware since it can be used with Xbox Cloud Gaming, Mac or PC (GeForce Now and Steam Link), and iOS (App Store) games.

Razer Kishi V2

Regarding phone controllers, the Kishi was the first that felt like it needed to be more affordable. It didn’t take long for Razer to release the Kishi V2, which is a vast improvement over the original. The improved model, which is compatible with both Android (USB-C) and iOS (Lightning) devices, features a smaller, spring-loaded design that accommodates even the largest smartphones, programmable buttons, and a higher level of ergonomic polish and integration with the various gaming platforms you’ll be connecting to (Android, Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, etc.).

Sony Inzone M9

A high-resolution, fast-refresh-rate gaming monitor is so commonplace now that it’s easy to run into one accidentally. However, our hearts were captured by Sony’s 27-inch Inzone M9, one of many new models announced that year. 

Although it was designed for PC gaming, the PS5’s exclusive extras put it ahead of the competition. 

BenQ EX3210U

If a smaller display, such as the Inzone M9 at 27 inches, isn’t enough screen real estate for you, this Ben 4K HDR 144Hz monitor is the next best thing. Corey Plante, the associate gaming editor at Inverse, recommends this one because of its “really great” HDR contrast enabled by BenQ’s HDRi display technology, its auto-brightness adjustment that adapts to the lighting in the room, and its extensive range of motion. The EX310U’s 2.1 channel speakers are powerful enough to match the quality of the picture.

Razor Blade 15

Even though we are now in 2022, most gaming computers still have the same flashy appearance as a Lamborghini at night. Even though Razer is known for employing too many colors in its gaming devices, the Razer Blade 15 is a welcome compromise between a gaming laptop and a work laptop. 

SEGA Genesis Mini 2

You may play classic Sega games in a variety of formats. The Sega Genesis Mini 2, however, makes it relatively easy to do so, and it comes in a charmingly retro package to boot. 

The Genesis Mini 2 is backward-compatible with the six-button controller that came with the original Sega Genesis Mini, which came out in 2009.

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