10th Gen Intel Core i9-10900K Turns up on 3DMark: 30% Faster than the Core-i9-9900K

Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S lineup has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation. With the AMD Ryzen 3000 series offering users single-threaded performance more or less comparable to Coffee Lake and as many–if not more–cores and threads at a given price point, the ball’s very much in Intel’s court.

We’ve, however, heard relatively less about the mainstream 10th Gen series. What does the Core i9-10900K look like? And how does it perform, relative to the competition?

Tom’s Hardware spotted purported Intel internal documentation that was posted on Weibo. The slides indicate that the i9-10900K is “up to” 30 percent faster than the present-gen flagship, the Core i9-9900K.

The leaked slides indicate that multi-threaded performance in SPEC, Cinebench, and other heavily-threaded workloads is as much as 30 percent higher. Since the 10900K is a 10-core part, this is to be expected when put up against the 8-core 9900K. When it comes to single-threaded performance, however, the gains are much more modest.

XPRT, for instance runs just 4 percent or so faster on the newer Core i9-10900K. The spec-list mentions that the 10900K has a rather lofty 250W TDP. To put this in perspective, the Ryzen 9 3950X, a sixteen-core thirty two-thread 7nm processor has a rated TDP of just 105W. (AMD measures TDP differently from Intel. Regardless, the equalized TDP, approximately 150W, is still notably lower.)

The Core i9-10900K may well deliver better gaming performance than existing CPUs. The real question in 2020, though, is how it’ll fare against the Ryzen 4000 series and how much will it cost?


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