10th Gen Intel Comet Lake-H Laptops Lauching in April to combat AMD’s Ryzen 4000 APUs

Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-H CPUs are slated for an April launch, as per a report from WCCFTech. These 14nm CPUs will power new laptop lineups along with the new GeForce Super GPUs. We’ve already seen multiple leaked benchmarks of the Comet Lake-H lineup, and they’re mostly disappointing.

We’re basically getting another 14nm Skylake refresh with the same core/thread counts, cache and architecture. The only difference is with respect to the boost clocks and in case of the higher-end parts, the performance might even end up being worse in certain cases due to the throttling.

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Initially, both the Ryzen 4000 APUs and the 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake CPUs were planned to launch in March. However, courtesy of the COVID pandemic, they’ve been pushed to April. The official announcement should come on the 2nd of April and the review embargoes will lift around mid-April.

On a related note, there were some rumors a while back that the Ryzen 4000 powered laptops would hit retail by the 16th of March. Some online stores had even put up the listings along with pre-orders. However, they’ve all been taken down now, either as a result of the pandemic or to correct an error.

The 7nm Zen 2 laptops will be paired with NVIDIA’s GTX 16 series to offer some of the most powerful gaming laptops we’ve ever seen under the sub-$1,000 price. The higher-end RTX Supers will go alongside the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 SKUs and cost somewhere in the $1,200 price segment. It’s important to note that these new AMD chips offer the same IPC as Intel’s Comet Lake parts with a much higher core/thread count. In fact, these will be the first octa-core mobile CPUs ever. At the moment, Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake-U lineup is limited to quad-core designs while the 14nm Comet Lake-U series offers six cores at the expense of worse single-threaded performance.



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